Theo10® Squeaky Shower Gel - Soap Free, Sensitive Skin

Theo10® Squeaky Shower Gel - Soap Free, Sensitive Skin

Brand: Theo10


The latest addition to our range of family-loving product, an all-natural body shower gel that does not contain any chemicals, preservatives or those long ingredient names found on your soap labels.

This is targeted towards those who have sensitive skin and is suitable for all ages. The unique feature is that it washes away very quickly within seconds and gives you a squeaky clean without drying your skin. (While some may not be used to this sensation of a quick clean feel, rest assured that your skin would be clean thoroughly and safely with a moisturized and softer feel after drying off)

🍀Suitable for dry and sensitive skin
🍀Suitable for all ages
🍀Contains no preservatives
🍀No animal testing
🍀pH level 8.9
🍀No artificial flavoring
🍀No Paraben
🍀No Silicone
🍀Leaves the user with a mild orchid and white tea scent
🍀Does not interfere with users’ perfume or cologne.

🍀Orchid essential oil
🍀White Tea essential oil
🍀Organic Sweet Almond Oil
🍀Organic Thai virgin Coconut Oil
🍀Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil
🍀 Organic Vegetable-based glycerine

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