Heliocare Advanced Spray SPF 50 200ml - Exp 10/23

Heliocare Advanced Spray SPF 50 200ml - Exp 10/23

Brand: Heliocare


Heliocare Advanced Spray SPF 50 is an extreme protection, high tolerance sunscreen spray for whole body use. Easy to apply, the spray feature encourages use on bigger surface area with ease and protects the skin against UVB, UVA, and lowering the risk of sunburn and other premature skin aging.

Fluid photoprotector, easy to spread, for quick absorption and water-resistant.
Exclusive Fernblock® technology and an excellent filter combination that guarantees a wide coverage against both short and long term solar radiation and its harmful effects.
Multiposition spray format allows for an easy application as well as an excellent finish.
With antioxidant and repairing ingredients that complete the filter’s photoprotecting effects against solar damage.
UVA/UVB filters: Ultra-advanced mineral filters and non-mineral filters expertly combined to provide high level UVA/UVB protection with an elegant skin-feel & look.
Photobiological protectants: Fernblock–natural fern extract rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, combined with Green Tea extract, provides biological photo-protection.
Protection enhancers: Ultrasomes; naturally derived endonucleases help provide DNA protection and repair. Sunspheres; increase the effectiveness of the UVA/UVB filters
Touch spray-lotion encourages use on exposed, non-facial/décolleté, body areas.
Non-comedogenic and water resistant.
All skin types including acne-prone.
Size: 200 ml with a convenient pump applic

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