Chillmore Perfumed Hand Cream Whitening Moisturizing For Dry Sensitive Cleanser Not Sticky Aging Care Hands Skin Proble Long Lasting Perfume Not Sticky 50g Woman Beauty And Personal Care Brightening Refreshing

Chillmore Perfumed Hand Cream Whitening Moisturizing For Dry Sensitive Cleanser Not Sticky Aging Care Hands Skin Proble Long Lasting Perfume Not Sticky 50g Woman Beauty And Personal Care Brightening Refreshing

Brand: Chillmore


【Snow】:Ceder Snow fragrance
【Pine】:Pine Forest fragrance
【Grass】:Grass Bluebell fragrance
Chillmore Whitening Moisturizing And Long Lasting Perfumed Squalane Hand Cream For Dry Sensitive Body Skin 50g
🎉 5,000,000+ sold out in China mainland
💯 4.9 stars high reviews

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【15 Days Return Guarantee】【48 Hours Ship Out】【100% Authentic】【SGS International Certified 】

😧 Are you worried about the dark and rough hand skin?

😨 Is your hand skin always dry due to hands wash frequently?

😣 Is it difficult to find moisturizing body lotion with good smell?

✅ 15 Days Whitening and Smoothing

✅ 5 Seconds Quickly Absorbing Without Greasy Heavy Afterfeel

✅ 12 Hours Long Lasting Perfume

✅ 24Hours Long Lasting Moisturizing And Wrinkles Reducing

✅ Leaves hands noticeably softer and smoother after just 1 application

Ingredients And Efficacy(成分和功效):

  1. J.Urasoft cocoa-refined: It can keep skin moisture and repair skin dryness, roughness and barbs.
    精炼可可脂: 帮助皮肤维持柔软顺滑, 修复干燥痕痒皮肤,缓解手部干纹粗糙

  2. PatcH2O: Moisturize the skin quickly and intensively. Nourish and protect the skin.
    PatcH2O: 快速长效地密集滋润手部,滋养保护手部

  3. Lecithin & Nicotinamide: Tone up the skin and provide the moisture skin craves.
    卵磷脂&烟酰胺: 锁水保湿,预防肤色黯淡,提亮光泽

✅ Natural and No pigment.(天然无色素)
✅ SGS International Certified,Safety Guarantee. (通过国际SGS认证,安全保证)
✅ Harm 0,Sensitive skin OK. (0刺激,敏感肌肤也可放心使用)

12 months research&develop + 137 times times material selecte,Long lasting perfume introduction.
12个月研发试验+ 137次香材选择,只为保证留香持久

【Snow】:Breath when standing on the mountain top(月下梅里)
🍊Grapefruit、Orange、Bitter orange + 🍃Middle: Seaweed、Rosemary + 🌳 Cedar、Amber

【Pine】:Forest fragrance. Breath deeply in the morning forest(西泠松舍)
🍊Orange、Grapefruit+🌼Pine needles、Neroli oil、Patchouli+🌳Cedar, White rosin

【Grass】:Bluebell fragrance. Feel walking on the grass land after rain(溪畔听风)
🍃 Grass、Campanula medium+🌷 Jasmine、Lily of the Valley、Rose+🌳 Musk、Amber

😄 About the R&D background:Our partner “ROBERTET” (深度合作伙伴“法国罗伯特”特制调香)
ROBERTET, headquartered in the mountain city of southern France, " Grasse" , the world's perfume capital, the company has been established for more than 170 years.

Comments from customers(来自用户真实评价)
😊 “ The fragrance is refreshing and high-grade. It's not sticky. Hands were really brightened a lot after use.”
—— 19 years old, college student

🥰 “It's moist enough and not oily. I didn't use the hand cream for some time before, but after using this hand cream, my dry hand is getting better.”
—— 26 years old, office lady

😍 “I like the fragrance of bluebell. The perfume lasts long. Also it's moistrurizing and not sticky at all.”
—— 33 years old, mother of two children

Q1: Can this hand cream be used in hot weather?(这款护手霜高温天气也可以用吗?)
A1: We use ingredients that have a melting point close to human body temperature, which is easy to push away and is not sticky. It can also moisturize hands without burden in hot weather.😄

Q2:How long will delivery take? (多久能收到货呢?)
A2:Delivery will take around 5-10 day.We are dealing with deliveing all goods to the local warehouse urgently, then you will receive the goods for only 1-3 days.Thank you for understanding.😄

Q3:I received a wrong/defective product?(如果我收到有缺陷的商品,怎么办?)
A3:We promise returning without reason for 15 days. All our products are 100% guarantee and of good quality.We will take a close look into the matter,please don't worry.🥰

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