Pacific Beam Anti Microbial/ Odor and Mold Prevention Deo Mist/Spray

Pacific Beam Anti Microbial/ Odor and Mold Prevention Deo Mist/Spray

Brand: Pacific Beam


PBM series solve related problems with fungus such as the elimination of odour and/or prevention of fungus, mould, bacteria, viruses, and marine organisms, barnacles and algae. If you want to add value to own products, PBM series will develop the potential of the products. PBM series covers a wide range of lineups, powder type, water type, water dispersion type, solvent type, coating type. Moreover PBM series also has an Anti-fouling agent which will solve a problem of barnacles and algae on ships.

If you want to use PBM's professional effect in household use, check Deo Spray and Deo Mist. Multifunctional and long-lasting effects of Deo Spray will eliminate odours of mould and prevent it. Just spray 2 or 3 times, it will solve a wide range of problems with mould in your daily life. Deo mist is for more strong odour elimination in rooms. If you want to remove smells of tobacco in a car or smells of pet in-house, why don't you try this instant and long-lasting effects? Before giving up to solve those problems, please try PBM series.

Deo Spray

5 Functions in 1
-Instant disinfection and odour eliminating (Virus Inactivation)
-Lasting anti-microbial, mould and odour prevention
-Effective over 2000 kinds of germs
-High Safety Standards
-Can be used on clothes/sofa/carpet/toys and sports equipment

Deo Mist (Liquid form)
Plant extract has powerful bacteria and odour elimination effectiveness. By that effectiveness, the forest can keep clean condition by itself. BPM Deo Mist contains100% natural plant extract and make it possible to clean up your room.
To solve problems with clinging smells, such as tobacco and toilets of pet, just try and feel a powerful effect.

6 functions in 1 (Air form)
-Bacterial elimination
-Odor elimination
-Mold prevention
-Odor prevention
-Cleaning smell mov

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