[Useemi official]Gluta plus Whitening Body solution lotion korea underarm white cream

[Useemi official]Gluta plus Whitening Body solution lotion korea underarm white cream

Brand: Useemi


♥Useemi Gluta Plus Whitening Body Solution from Korea♥

▶What is Useemi :) ?

It is a logo with a smiley face in the alphabet ‘U’
meaning to give more people a shiny smile through USEEMI.
A brand that makes me stand out more so that each person’s per sonality and beauty shine!
Real beauty is me, myself


ⓐBrighten the skin with Glutathione and Niacin amide that helps to light up the skin!
ⓑAnti-oxidation action allows continuous whitening management, not temporary whitening.
ⓒIt can be used neatly even in hot and humid weather.
ⓓIt is safe with skin irritation certification.
ⓔWhitening management with large capacity at a low price!
ⓕIt is also effective for scarring, underarm coloring, and skin coloring.

▶Main Ingredients

Glutathione: Glutathione is well known as a material that helps skin whitening by restraining the activation of ingredient that generates melanin pigment.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is antioxidant that protects the cell from active oxygen, prevents skin aging, and supplies moisture to the dry skin.

Niacin amide: Niacin amide improves the skin tone, prevents skin troubles, and strengthens the barrier of skin.


ⓐCorrects the skin tone evenly as cream type texture retain moisture without stickiness.

Didn’t you spare it every time you used a whitening product?
Skin whitening, don’t give up even a single place. It is packed in a large capacity so that it can
be applied to both the face and the whole body.

▶How to use?

Put moderate amount on the body and apply lightly to the desired area.

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