Be3 Sun Protection Progressive Spray SPF 20/40/60 - WaterSport 150ml

Be3 Sun Protection Progressive Spray SPF 20/40/60 - WaterSport 150ml

Brand: Be3


This dry oil protects you as much as you want thanks to the innovative PROGRESSIVE SPF™ leaving your skin smooth, hydrated and radiant. Suitable for activities in contact with the water, it protects the skin from jellyfish stings, plus it is super-waterproof. Best for travelling!


  1. 1st spray - SPF 20: spray the product uniformly on the skin.

  2. 2nd spray - SPF 40*: within 3 minutes after the first application, spray the product again to achieve a higher level of sun protection.

  3. 3rd spray - SPF 60*: within 3 more minutes after the second application, spray the product again to obtain a super high level of sun protection.

  • Values obtained from SPF in vivo testing ISO 24444:2010 and the Colipa test method.

PROGRESSIVE SPF: innovative SPF spray continuous system. In a few seconds the broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection that you need... SPF 20, SPF 40, SPF 60.

JELLYFISH-GUARDIAN: protects the skin against jellyfish stings.

AVOCADO OIL: its emollient and hydrating properties, perfect for dry, dehydrated or mature skins.

JOJOBA OIL: it helps improve skin moisture, tone and elasticity.

VITAMIN E: it is an anti-oxidant which helps prevent free-radical damage to the skin.

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