MUJI Peelable Cotton 162 Sheets

MUJI Peelable Cotton 162 Sheets

Brand: MUJI


MUJI Peelable Cotton 162 Sheets

162 pieces of cotton that can be peeled off and about 85 x 60 mm. It is a cotton that can be peeled off and used on four sheets. It can also be used as a cotton pack.

How to use: By using cotton, you ensure that no face lotion is wasted during application. The "easy-peel cotton" is a type in which four sheets can be peeled from one piece.
First lay the piece as-is widthwise over your middle finger and ring finger, holding it firmly between your pointer finger and pinky.
Please pour enough face lotion on the cotton so that it becomes transparent, and then pat it.
After patting, peel the cotton into four sheets and, by applying them to your cheeks, forehead, chin or any other parts of your face where you're concerned about dryness, you'll have an easy cotton pack.

100% Cotton
Made in

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