Soo Beaute Aloe Vera Advanced Soothing Gel 300ml

Soo Beaute Aloe Vera Advanced Soothing Gel 300ml

Brand: Soo Beaute


SOO BEAUTE Aloe Vera 99% Advanced Soothing Gel contains 99% aloe vera extract and centella that can sooth the skin, improve skin texture and make skin supple.

Product Features:
 ★ Gelatine includes moisturizing composite particles not only sooth the skin but also solve the peeling problem and provide anti-oxidation protection.
 ★ It is rich in Camellia sinensis, purslane and lavender can control the secretion of oil, repair aging skin and fight with bacterial invasion so that the skin is full of vitality and flexibility.
 ★ Phytolisome 1.0 consists of 10 different natural plant oil and white composite (rose, neroli, daisies), with Centella asiatica, to repair damaged skin cells in a short period.

 ★ When the skin is dry, apply it on the face and body ev

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