[Camiane] The Perfect Wedding Pad Moisture Toner Cotton 30 pads

[Camiane] The Perfect Wedding Pad Moisture Toner Cotton 30 pads

Brand: Camiane


[Camiane] The Perfect Wedding Pad Moisture Toner Cotton (30 pads)

Camiane operates a luxury prestige spa in Cheongdam-dong, the richest area in Gangnam, Korea that is famous for its high-quality beauty salons. Based on the expertise acquired from operating this spa, the beauty that everybody dreams of was added into Camiane’s skincare products.

🤍 What it is : #Non-irritating_Pad #Tidy_Up_Skin_Texture #Moisturizing_Hydration

  • A convenient wiping, at-home skincare pad for daily use that makes the skin moisturized and smooth, provides dead skin cell care and recharges the skin with moisture
  • The secret that made so many brides shine, a daily care pad containing a VIP spa’s luxury wedding skincare program.

🤍 Key points :

  • Get dead skin cell care and moisturizing care all at once by simply wiping your skin with the product every day
  • The biggest in Korea with a 90 mm diameter! Take care of your face and body with Korea’s biggest!
  • An all-in-one pad for facial cleansing, dead skin cell care, and toner!
  • All ingredients are safe and EWG green grade certified

🤍 Recommended for the following people:

  • Those who want a gorgeous skin tone
  • Those who are troubled by their dry and dull skin that makes makeup flaky
  • Those who feel like their water-type toner is lacking in moisture
  • Those who want to condense the complicated routine of toner -> lotion -> essence
  • Those who want special spa care conveniently at home.

🤍 How to use :

  • Step 1) Gently tidy up dead skin cells with the "Gause Side" of the pad after cleansing your face.
  • Step 2) Flip the pad over and soothe the skin with the "Embossed Side" of the pad and wrap up the process by increasing moisture.
  • Use it for your daily skincare routine.

🤍 Use in these situations!
Tip 1. When you need to fix your makeup during a dry afternoon!
Tip 2. When you need to tidy up your rough skin texture with gauze!
Tip 3. When you need a toner, essence, and cream all-in-one while traveling!

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