Chillmore Whitening Moisturizing And Perfumed Squalane Body Lotion Firming Body Skin Moisture Cream 30ml  gift link

Chillmore Whitening Moisturizing And Perfumed Squalane Body Lotion Firming Body Skin Moisture Cream 30ml gift link

Brand: Chillmore


Chillmore Whitening Moisturizing And Perfumed Squalane Body Lotion Firming Body Skin Moisture Cream
6pcs for 5ml/pc, total volume 30ml
Please note that it is the gift link not for sell.

For Dry, Dark and Sensitive ltchy skin

😧 Are you worried about the dark and rough body skin?

😨 Is your body skin always dry and dark?

😣 Is it difficult to find moisturizing body lotion with good smell?

✅ 21Days Whitening and Brightening

✅ 5 Seconds Quickly Absorbing and Not Sticky,refreshing

✅ 12 Hours Long Lasting Perfume And sleep aid for insomnia

✅ 24Hours Long Lasting Moisturizing

✅ 28Days Pale Spot

Ingredients And Efficacy(成分和功效):

  1. Japanese Natural Plant Squalene: long lasting moisturizing and make body skin feel refreshing.

  2. Shea Butter& Marula Oil: Rich in vitamins,sterols and lecithin nourish the skin.

  3. Immortelle Essence: Relieve itching and relieve stress.

  4. W377:whitening and brightening,long lasting moisturizing.

✅ Natural and No pigment.(天然无色素)
✅ SGS International Certified,Safety Guarantee. (通过国际SGS认证,安全保证)
✅ Harm 0,Sensitive skin OK. (0刺激,敏感肌肤也可放心使用)

12 months research&develop + 137 times times material selecte,Long lasting perfume introduction.
12个月研发试验+ 137次香材选择,只为保证留香持久

【Orange】:Special sleep aid essential oils added(庭中橘树,添加助眠精油)
🍊 Bergamot、Orange + Orange blossom、Neroli oil + Amber、Yellow sunflower
🤗 Relieve fatigue & Relieve stress & Improve anxiety

【Grass】:Bluebell fragrance (溪畔听风)
🍃 Grass、Campanula medium + Jasmine、Lily of the Valley、Rose + Musk、Amber

【Pine】:Forest fragrance(西泠松舍)
🌳 Orange、Grapefruit + Pine needles、Neroli oil、Patchouli + Cedar, White rosin

😄 About the R&D background:Our partner “ROBERTET” (深度合作伙伴“法国罗伯特”特制调香)
ROBERTET, headquartered in the mountain city of southern France, " Grasse" , the world's perfume capital, the company has been established for more than 170 years.

Q1: Is the body lotion sticky?for sensitive skin?(这款身体乳黏腻吗?适合敏感肌吗?)
A1: To ensuring the moisturizing power and achieve refresh feel and fast absorption, we use natural squalane with plant-extracted essential oils, non-sticky and fast absorption.Skin-friendly and non-irritating,suitable for all skin types, and sensitive skin can also use.
清爽不油腻,而且吸收非常快。在长效保湿力前提下,为达到快速吸收肤感,我们采用日本天然角鲨烷,搭配各类天然植物萃取精油,不用担心粘上睡衣。 不刺激,适合所有肤质,敏感肌肤可安心使用😊

Q2:How long will delivery take? (多久能收到货呢?)
A2:Delivery will take around 10-15 days.we feel very sorry it. If you mind it,you could Add it to cart temporarily. We are dealing with deliveing all goods to the local warehouse urgently, then you will receive the goods for only 1-3 days.Thank you for understanding.

Q3:I received a wrong/defective product?(如果我收到有缺陷的商品,怎么办?)
A3:We promise returning without reason for 15 days.All our products are 100% guarantee and of good quality.We will take a close look into the matter,please don't worry.

😉 Little surprise hidden in the package (藏在包装里的彩蛋)
Tear the top seal, the hidden text appears. That’s our blessings.

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