Optrex Eye Lotion 110ML Eye Drop Dry Eyes

Optrex Eye Lotion 110ML Eye Drop Dry Eyes

Brand: Optrex


Experiencing dry eyes or irritation? Optrex Eye Lotion is formulated to ease eye discomforts with gentle eye cleansing. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $10 when you buy Optrex Eye Lotion with S-mart. Always clean the eyebath thoroughly before use. If eyelids are congested of if make-up is worn, first cleanse the eyelids with a small pad of cotton wool moistened with a few drops of Optrex Eye Lotion. For age 12 and above. As a leading eye care expert, Optrex is specially designed to lubricate eyes, providing fast and lasting relief for dry, irritated and tired eyes. • Soothes, refreshes sore eyes and relieves eye irritations • Official authorised merchantNote: Listing price is inclusive of GST; invoice is available upon requestx000D
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