SEVICH 2 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes with Liquid Eyeliner Christmas Gift

SEVICH 2 Pairs Magnetic Eyelashes with Liquid Eyeliner Christmas Gift

Brand: Sevich


SEVICH is dedicated to the research and development of the highest quality eyelashes: natural, soft, and multi-use.
① Can be easily removed from the tape.
② The shape remains original for more than one year.
③ Provide the most innovative and popular styles.
④Sturdy packaging can avoid damage during transportation.
⑤ We are a manufacturer and we provide fast service at the best price.

How to use: 1 Shake the eyeliner before painting to make it evenly magnetic. 2 It is best to thicken the eyeliner before drawing twice. 3 Repeat to add an eyeliner at the root of the eyelashes, focusing on the corners of the eyes and the tail of the eye (the focus). Transparency (about 1 minute) 5 Eyelashes are bent into an arch shape with both hands, start from the corner of the eye, and then into the eye, at the end of the eye, clamp the eyelashes with tweezers to help the eyelash magnet and the eyeliner to attract each other 6 Lightly compact the eyelashes by hand

【Package Included】
Magnetic eyelash * 2 Pair
bottle of liquid eyeline

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